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ATM network support all over Ukraine (SLM, FLM, individual works). HelpDesk, incident management system, monitoring, quick recovery of functionality.

Sophisticated technical repairs of ATM nodes, elements and cassettes. Installation of additional hardware, technical consulting.

Supplies of new and refurbished ATMs with warranty, supplies of spare parts and consumables.

ATM transportation to the new working places, preparation for putting in operation, integration in existing networks.


ATM Monitor is a multivendor hardware and software complex for the system of monitoring and analysis of data describing the status of acquiring network of bank self-service units.

This solution is destined to ensure efficient operation of acquiring network by control, collection of data and management of ATM and SST status due to automation of business processes in service department with further interaction with regional service offices.

The set consists of 3 modules which may be used by the client in combination or individually:
1) Physical parameters control module (sensors and detectors);
2) Logic parameters control module (errors and status);
3) Incident monitoring and control module.

Specific features of ATM Monitor are independence of this complex from the type of ATM software used and operation without use of the client’s network resources. ATM Monitor improves safety and efficiency of individual ATM and acquiring network as a whole.

Physical Parameters Control Module

Power supply quality: 220V supply voltage control at input and control of operating voltage of internal ATM parts (12/24/48v supply to cardreader, printer, dispenser, PC core, bulk note depositor, bar code scanner, etc.)

Physical security: Control of opening of safe and operator panel door; determination of ATM location; monitoring of shock, fire, immersion sensors, skimming strap detector; control of physical Ethernet switching on/off (ATM, router)

Capacity of remote reload of power supply to ATM and its units

Control of access: Local audio alarm, lock opening control, connection to the security guard.

Collection and displaying of status of ATM connection to Ethernet with capacity to display ATM interface or switch (host) malfunctions

Quick operator notification on problematic situation through all available channels – WEB interface, E-mail, SMS messages

Temperature mode monitoring: temperature inside the safe, capacity to switch on heating at certain critical temperature or according to the remote operator command, temperature in service part of the unit.

Compatibility: all major global brands, such as Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, Diebold, Nautilus Hyosung.

Due to the data transfer through in-built GPRS modem physical parameters control module does not use ATM communication channel, completely eliminating the need in additional resources. Integrated battery ensures continuous module operation and functionality in case of absence of power supply to ATM for up to 8 hours. Protected VPN network with static IP addresses unites server and devices.

Logic Parameters Control Module

Control of status of individual ATM nodes: cardreader, dispenser, printer, EPP, bulk note depositor, bar code scanner, etc.

Control of critical balance of cash in ATM cassettes and divert-cassette filling.

Possibility to track abnormalities in scheduled operation of the units and to prevent in advance ATM failure caused by malfunction of any node.

Capacity to form reports on operation of ATM acquiring network or individual ATM with calculation of KPI parameters.

ATM errors monitoring, including persistent errors (often card capture, banknote rejection to divert, jamming of receipts, etc.).

Monitoring of ATM status in acquiring network (in service, out of service, etc.).

Incident Monitoring and Control Module

Schedule: Creation of one or repeating task with simultaneous determination of availability of employee. Creation of queues of works planned for employee, utilization of fixed working schedule.

Reasonable resource allocation: Organization of personnel interaction (service engineer, collector officer, bank representative) by coordination/fixation of mutually acceptable time of arrival at the site and receipt of access to it.

Fixation and management of performance period: Management of works at the sites with limited time periods for access, SLA terms control, and presentation to the client of reports on the works in real time.

Distribution by criteria: Automatic assignment (distribution) of incident elimination tasks taking into account priority in period of performance of works, professional level of executive and geographic location of equipment.


Functions of the client

  • Interface in 3 languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.
  • Setting filters by object types and subtypes.
  • Installing filters on types of customers.
  • Installing filters for additional operations.
  • Install filters by business hours and days.
  • Quick search and selection of cities.
  • Build a route to the selected label on the map.
  • Building a route for the selected addresses.

Admin panel options

  • Downloading data from a file for batch updates.
  • Turn on / off the display of objects on the map.
  • Creation, modification of objects.
  • Search object code, address, or name.
  • Log file action admin users.
  • The ability to implement API for using objects in
    third-party applications.
  • Ability to display the status of ATMs (online, offline).

General information

  • Help in the placement and maintenance of client geolocation points on Google resources, Yandex.
  • The ability to implement and modify the API for using objects in third-party applications.
  • Service operation in 24/7 mode.
  • Technical support of the service.
  • Help in filling the system with labels.
  • Ability to modify and modify the service for the needs of the client.

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