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FEEL View Monitoring System


FEEL View is a multi-vendor monitoring system for ATMs and self-service terminals. FEEL View is a comprehensive operations management system. Thanks to advanced functions such as monitoring, remote distribution, reconciliation, application tracking, electronic journal and money management, the system provides banks with a centralized platform for managing the branch and analyzing the profitability of resources.

FEEL View can also be expanded to support other management functions, such as ATM asset management, repair management, support services for the collection company and maintenance personnel.

The use of FEEL Veiw allows banks to increase their operational efficiency, optimize maintenance costs and reduce the cost of ownership of the terminal network.

FEEL View has been successfully deployed and operated by more than 120 customers worldwide and controls more than 25,000 terminals.

The main properties of the monitoring system:

  • Support and monitoring of self-service banking terminals (ATM, CDM, CRS, STM, VTM).
  • Monitoring monitoring modules (PIN Pad, receipt printer, card reader, dispenser and barcode, etc.).
  • Support for multiple databases (Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, DB2, etc.).
  • Monitoring cash balances in cassettes and a replenishment report.
  • A library of over 1000 identifications of physical error codes for fault analysis.
  • Customizable event, incident notifications (voice, video and text).