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ECAT Multi Vendor Terminal Software

When using vendor-specific ATMCs, it is difficult to get new types of devices to connect to the network in a short time, because you need to connect new devices to your host system, support devices from different vendors, and therefore business innovations are difficult .

eCAT is a flexible multi-vendor software platform for self-service terminals. Thanks to the extensive and fully functional means of graphic development, it can be easily and quickly installed and integrated into multi-channel terminals. eCAT reduces the cost and risks for your new services and responds faster to the expectations of your customers at both current and future facilities.
eCAT solves the problem of supporting devices from various equipment manufacturers.

Key features of eCAT multi-vendor terminal software:

Simple and quick deployment A graphical and customizable user interface makes changing a transaction flow as easy as a drag and drop operation. Changing and assembling applications no longer requires a lot of time and labor, and configuration can be easily performed by any trained IT staff without changing the source code. An intuitive integrated development environment makes it easy to quickly update a new application.
Flexible setting The wide range of GRG Visual Express enhances the efficiency and convenience of creating new applications or adding features to existing solutions with the ability to reuse resources, providing maximum configuration flexibility. The mutable code is written in C #, so there is no need to use a special programming language to change it. All settings can be made in a standard development environment.
Internal security To guarantee the stable operation of self-service terminals, GRG eCAT gives priority to security in order to overcome the latest threats and challenges. eCAT complies with EMV Level 2 certification, supports 3DES, SHA-256, RSA, SM 2, SM3, SM4, in accordance with the safety standards of devices on bank cards and complies with international norms, standards and specifications, such as PCI / PA DSS.
Multi host support It has the ability to connect hybrid host environments, including ISO8583 and the host NDC / DDC / IFX / Web services, which can quickly connect to the complex banking infrastructure of the host.


eCAT has been successfully used by more than 70 customers in more than 30 thousand terminals in the USA, Cuba, Argentina, Dominica, Ecuador, Romania, Tajikistan, South Africa, Tunisia, Zambia, the Middle East, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc.