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Service support

The company BAN COM SERVICE LLC is an engineering and service company that provides its services in the field of supporting bank equipment (ATMs, PTKS, counting and sorting equipment) both at the places of their operation and at the company's service center, which is located in Kiev .
High efficiency and wide experience of our company’s specialists in the field of servicing banking equipment allow us to effectively resolve problems and quickly maintain equipment. High qualifications and scrupulous attention to detail are a guarantee of a long and cost-effective operation of the equipment.

Thanks to an extensive service network, equipped with qualified specialists and an incident control and management system (monitoring) (shown in Fig. 1.), which provides effective control over the operation of the equipment by collecting data and managing the condition of the equipment and the network as a whole, we offer the following types service support:

1.1. Standard SLM Service
This option includes a full package of services for the maintenance of equipment. The subscription fee for this package includes the cost of both repair work and used spare parts.

  • Maintenance of the equipment network 5 days a week (Mon - Fri);
  • Work with software updates and settings;
  • A full range of scheduled preventive maintenance on equipment (cleaning from dirt and dust, testing, checking the integrity and wear of all modules and components, etc.);
  • Repair and restoration of operability of all components and components of equipment in case of malfunctions in their work, replacement of failed modules or components and parts that have exhausted their service life - 8 (24) * working hours after registration of the application;
  • Universal type of service (the cost of work and spare parts are included in the monthly fee).

1.2. First Level Service FLM
This option includes a package of services for performing maintenance of equipment such as monitoring the condition of equipment, replacing consumables, diagnosing equipment malfunctions, does not involve repair work with replacing equipment nodes.

  • Maintenance of the equipment network 5 days a week (Mon - Fri);
  • Performance of work on testing nodes (modules) of equipment;
  • Conducting scheduled work on equipment (replacing consumables, conducting external cleaning, cleaning indoor units, etc.);
  • Formation of an application for repair work on equipment - the second SLM service line - up to 60 minutes;
  • Performing a full test of the equipment's operability after the completion of repair work.

1.3. Each of the selected options also includes:

  • Work on the diagnosis and elimination of the malfunction, while the guaranteed period of restoration of the working condition of the equipment is 8 working hours in Kiev and no more than 24 working hours in other cities of Ukraine.
  • Preventative maintenance. The frequency of preventive maintenance is determined by the Contractor in accordance with the technical documentation of the equipment manufacturer and depending on the intensity of the equipment.

In the arsenal of our company there is a constantly replenished warehouse of original spare parts and modules, as well as modern diagnostic equipment that allows you to most accurately and quickly establish the malfunction that has arisen. Service representative offices of BAN COM SERVICE LLC operate in all regional centers of Ukraine.