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Smart Teller Machine (STM) I64A SERIES

STM I64A is an intelligent bank terminal designed to provide a simple and efficient self-service for bank customers, providing remote assistance if needed.
STM is an automation tool that allows you to automate up to 90% of operations performed by an operator and requiring verification and client authentication.
i64A can be customized to the requirements of the bank, can perform biometric client authentication, issue a bank card, scan the client's ID card.
STM i64A allows you to open a bank account, issue and issue a card, make up-to-date changes to personal information, print bank statements. All this functionality can significantly reduce the operating costs of the classic department.
I64A enables easy and smooth migration of complex counter services to self-service mode, provides a remote service channel, providing a new model of interaction with customers in real time.
The STM can be installed in the branch lobby and 24-hour service area, which is an effective way to expand banking channels.
Almost all standard services of bank branches are available on STM. Thus, it can be used to restructure the branch network and open “unmanned branches”, allowing customers to carry out banking transactions by communicating with the operator via video conferencing and interacting with the equipment in real time.

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